President's Message

Thought  President We at Heights strongly feel that ‘The future of India is shaped in the classroom’. With this long cherished vision of spreading the light of knowledge, Emerald was initiated to provide an upgraded education system to eradicate all the social evils which have engulfed us. I am sure you will appreciate the role of the principal and the teachers as a pivotal point in shaping the future of our country in general and the student community in particular. An institution is judged by the quality of citizen it produces. We are of the opinion that the education we offer should develop competent, talented and skilled personalities and at the same time endowed with positive spirit and a strong will to serve the society. We at are fully aware of our responsibilities in building values thus shaping the character which in turn helps in life- building. Our mission with which we are marching ahead is not just providing a strong educational foundation but even excelling them in numerous streams thus involving the holistic development of the pupils. The confidence built makes them capable to capture their desired goals. always believes in making a difference in the field of education and with support of the beloved parents has been able to set new vistas in education.

Mr. Sanjay Tulshan

Director Message

Thought  Director Heights School is committed to a vision to prepare our students to accept the challenges of life by providing them quality education for their intellectual and emotional growth, the focus being on one goal ‘SUCCESS’. We believe that every child has potential but it has to be executed by tremendous hard works both by teachers and the students. Every child is special. It is what we believe in, the ladders of success, may be difficult but not impossible. As there is no short cut for success we believe in intense commitment to the assigned work. The students at Emerald with a spark emit in them to set new standards in life, are striving hard to move ahead as sky is the limit. The achievement of the school is incomplete without the support of parents and well wishers, who have lended a co-operative hand in the accomplishment of success.

Mrs. Alpa Tulshan

Principal's Message

Thought Principal A School is often symbolized as a temple of learning. School life is the best phase of one’s life. Nothing is more purifying than knowledge in this world. The guardians therefore send their wards to school to acquire knowledge, learn values to live in society and thus enable them to contribute in nation’s building as a responsible citizen. Our future depends on today’s generation. The world demands a quality of youth to have a temper of the will, a state of mind, a quality of imagination, a predominance of courage to face hardships and an appetite for wisdom. As an institution of imparting education we should work on the highest degree.
I feel privileged to be entrusted with the responsibility of enhancing the growth of children by spearheading this institution. It will be my foremost endeavor to ensure firmly on the training given and to inculcate the best of qualities in students in all fields be it academics, sports or extra –curricular activities. In order to make them prosper we need to praise them as they need role models not critics. With fervent hopes in my heart I request the support of parents, teachers and staff to lend a helping hand in my efforts by taking care of their all-round development. Undoubtedly, Good care has always been taken to get good result.
With an optimistic approach and high spirits, I will provide the best possible guidance to the students of this school. Truly, we care that every child that comes to school is a gift of God and that school is the second home of a child.
To sum up I would like to re-iterate the words of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam;
“Learning gives creativity,
Creativity leads to thinking,
Thinking leads to Knowledge,
Knowledge makes you great.”

Mrs.Rajeshwari Loya


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