There will be continuous evaluation of the performance of the child throughout the year in the form of assessments.


A Formal Examination : There shall three Evaluations Tests beside regular class tests.


A. Formal Examination: There shall be two Periodic Tests (PT) for these classes during the session beside Half Yearly Exam (HYE) and Annual Examination (AE). The syllabus for every Exam/test will be intimated to students prior to their exam

B. Informal Examination: Along with the formal examination mentioned above, there shall be another two informal assessments. They are:

1. Concept recapitulation (CR)- These assessments are short, informal, targeted tests that are administered during class to help teachers gauge whether students understand key concepts.They can be used both to assess students’ prior knowledge (coming into a course or unit) or their understanding of content in the current course.

2. Surprise check (SC): In order to assess more effectively how well students have grasped the lessons, SC (apart from CR) will be conducted time to time - both written and oral.

Weightage shall be as follows:

Average of PT will be given 10% weightage in both HYE & AE. 5 marks have been allotted for Subject Enrichment Activities (SEA) and 5 marks have been allotted for quality of written work, timely submission and upkeep of the copies (NB). These marks are also a part of the internal assessment marks

Forms of assessment (Formal Examination):

A. For classes I TO V TERM-1(50 MARKS) TERM-2(50 MARKS) TERM -3(50 MARK)

B. For classes VI TO X TERM-1(100 MARKS) PT-1(40) Reducing to 10 NB(5) SEA(5) HYE(80) TERM-2(100 MARKS) PT-2(40) Reducing to 10 NB(5) SEA(5) AE(80)  PT/HYE/AE TIMELINE: Please refer to school’s Calendar and Planner.

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